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Easter Fun! Bunny Bike Ride

The 4th Annual Bunny on a Bike Ride

p_bunnyonabikesm (7K)Parade in your Sunday's Best
Easter Sunday, April 8, 2007

Oregon Park (NE 30th & Oregon St., Portland, Ore.)
2:45 pm, We ride at 3! Two hour loop ride with stops
Rain or Shine! Free! All Ages*

Go to RedBat Press for more info!

Myshkin's Ruby Warblers at Alberta Street Pub

Mondays in February - Free Happy Hour shows!

Myshkin's Ruby Warblers are a hard-working acoustic group based in Portland. After listening to them for years I'm still at a loss to describe their music - it's dark, it's catchy, it's literate and always engaging.

Myshkin's Ruby Warblers were profiled on OPB's Oregon Artbeat in January 2007.

They're playing a set of happy hours at the Alberta Street Pub (caution: Myspace Page!) on Mondays during February. Go check them out!

it's the Portland OHSU Tram!

portland ohsu tram (5K) Alright enough about food. Here's a video of the Tram! (from Portland Future Awesome)

If you don't belong to OHSU this adventure will set you back $4.00. Does that make me cranky? yes. PDX already coughed up a bunch of cash to ferry doctors up the hill.

Will I fork over the money to try it anyway? Heck yea!

Cartoon Extravaganza

Dennis Nyback's Cartoon Extravaganza at Disjecta - Feb. 23 thru March 15, All shows at 7:30, $6

Saw a blurb in the Oregonian - Here's some info from the Disjecta web site:

Dennis Nyback Films

Delia (steel furniture) Sale

Delia Sale Saturday 11-2pm March 10th

delia_logo (4K) Great prices on one-of-a-kind hand made steel furniture and decor

6524 N. Albian Ave. just north of Portland Blvd.
Portland 97217
503 224 1798

look at the Lab section to see much of what is on sale

The Dig is Back

The Dig warehouse Sale Saturday ..March 3rd

9a - 5p
3795 SE Naef Rd...Milwaukie
2 blocks west of McLoughlin
Visit our website at for directions

We now have shoes and work boots!
Most items $1.00
Coats $2.00

Something for Everyone!
Call 503-349-4143 for info

Note: if you love a bargain and love to scrounge, this is the place to go. Dress warm - it's an unheated wearhouse, and take a flashlight! I got some great deals here. Get yourself a coat or a hoody and head downtown to:

Portland Urban Iditarod 2007

Urban Idiatrod: Shopping carts and beer - Saturday March 3rd 2007

From the Portland Urban Iditarod site:

Dude I so want a T-shirt

Hey then Sunday go back downtown for International Women's Day..keep scrolling...

Portland International Women's Day 2007 March 4th

From Portland International Women's Day and Damnportlanders on LiveJournal

This year's event will take place Sunday, March 4th from 10am to 4pm on the 3rd floor of Smith Memorial Student Union at Portland State University, located at 1825 SW Broadway in Portland, Oregon.

Come check out the Zine Room at the Portland International Women's Day Event this Sunday

Zine readings will happen at 12pm, 1pm and 2pm, by local zinesters like Krissy Durden (Figure 8 zine), Nicole Georges (Invincible Summer zine), Sarah Swingset (Swingset Girl), Jenny Bruso (Not Sorry zine) and many others.

Well this is a good place to point you to a few Women Power Portland web links:

PDX Collective Winter Sale

PDX Collective Winter Sale @ Apotheke, Sat. Feb. 24th 2007

This just in from I must say I feel 29% more beautiful broke already :)

Crafty Wonderland at Doug Fir

Sunday Feb 11th

raccoon (9K)Crafty Wonderland is back!

Crafty Wonderland features 40+ independent artists and crafters selling their work! The 2nd Sunday of every month from 11-4 pm Doug Fir Lounge - 830 E. Burnside Portland, OR All Ages - Free Admission!

More info at their site: Crafty Wonderland

Cheap night at the Theater

Sunday, February 18th 7:30 pm

The Pillowman
Sunday, February 18th 7:30 pm
Suggested price $8, cash only.
Tickets available day of the show, in person at the Box Office.

Portland Center Stage | Gerding Theater at the Armory
128 NW Eleventh Ave, Portland, Oregon 97209
Call or visit the Box Office or
Box Office Hours: M-Saturday, 10 am - 5:30pm, Sunday, noon - 5:30pm

Wicked cheap clothing sale at The Dig!

Warehouse Sale Saturday ..February 3rd

9a - 5p
3795 SE Naef Rd...Milwaukie
2 blocks west of McLoughlin
Visit our website at for directions

We spent last weekend reloading the racks!!!
Most items $1.00
Coats $2.00

the racks are full of coats, sweaters, hoodys, fleece, vests and winter items. PLUS….We have racks of pants and tops for men, women and children.
Something for Everyone!
Call 503-349-4143 for info

Note: if you love a bargain and love to scrounge, this is the place to go. Dress warm - it's an unheated wearhouse, and take a flashlight! I got some great deals here last month

Free talk: Shamanic Healing: Ancient Skills for Contemporary Well-being

Raleigh Hills New Seasons, January 31, 7:00
7300 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy
Portland, OR 97225

Shamanic Healing: Ancient Skills for Contemporary Well-being
Shamanic healing techniques explore energy sources that impact health and well-being. These ancient techniques can be simple, effective and drug-free remedies for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues of well being.

Christina Pratt will explain the added benefits or creating a healthy community and acquiring spiritual maturity through shamanic healing. The purpose of shamanic healing is not only to restore the individual, but to bring them back into a positive relationship with the community and the environment.

More about Christina Pratt:

Phone New Seasons: 503.292.6838

St. Honore to open in Lake Oswego

April 2007

In Lakeview Village next to the farmer's market, Mananza, etc. Hooray!

St. Honore


Sunday, February 4th, 2pm to 6pm

The 100th Monkey Studios
110 SE 16th Ave
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 232-3457

Just found this on the williamette week classifieds. Basically, bring your tired unwanted clothing in, bring a little cash, bring your crafy supplies. Then pick from the pile and go to different stations where you can embellish, alter, and silkscreen your (or someone else's) tired old duds!

New Crafty Fun (1/09/07)

From Church of Craft:

Sister Diane is teaching three classes in making your own buttons at DIY Lounge:

More info at

Collage has just launched a monthly Artist Trading Card swap! First meeting is Jan 18th at 6:30 pm. Each month has a different theme, and you bring five finished ATC's relating to that theme to the meeting, so you can swap with people. More info at

Saint Cupcake soon in SE Portland

saint_cupcake_thumb (9K)Hoo! Saint Cupcake comes to the Eastside Feb. 2, 2007. Read details here:

Why I lurve PDX reason #3902:Flavorspot Waffle Hut

Waaaaaafflleess to goooooooooooo!!

Just pulled this off Extra MSG:

Conveniently located on North Lombard between Greeley and Denver - in the Videorama Parking Lot. 503-289-YUMM

Look look they have an OVALTINE MOCHA..and vegan marshmellow fluff!
Flavour spot Menu

Holiday Hours:

Sunday December 24: Open 8-Noon
Monday December 25- Friday December 29: Closed
Saturday December 30: Open 8-3 Also: return of the smoked salmon waffle.
Sunday December 31: Open 8-3

Monday January 1, 2007: OPEN 8-3

Why I lurve PDX reason #3901: Veganopolis

Speaking of unusual coffee drinks

Veganopolis now offers a Horchata Latte with house-made horchata. I love horchata, and I love espresso. Unfortunately, the two did not mix well. I should have ordered them separately. On the flip side, I've had their soy lattes which are awesome. On the same visit I grabbed a faux tuna salad sandwich - how DO they do it? vegan magic! It was the best part of tuna salad without the tuna-smell ickiness.

Even if vegan food give you the willies, do check this place out. You'll be amazed. Downtown PDX on 4th between Washington and Alder - Veganopolis

Whatcha doing tonight? 11/30/2006

file under PDX Fun...oh..there is no fun page yet.

I'm going roller skating at Oaks Park thanks to the fine crew at MeetInPortland. MeetIn is a little different than MeetUp. If you are bored and looking for stuff to do with other people check out MeetIn. It's very laid back.

click on the thumbnail above for a larger picture of Oaks Park. and other Portland and oregon pics

More Crafty!

Today I'm hoping to sneak away and get over to SCRAP for...trinkets! Trinkets-to-be! I've yet to check it out and it sounds irresistable.


sid viciousDid you make it to the Riches at Rimsky's DIY crafty arts sale Sunday Nov. 26th? Boy was it crowded! I hope all the vendors did well. I got an irresistible Johnny Rotten magnet from Bossa Nova Baby, children's book pages sewn into pouches from Mugwump, and more cute magnets made from the cards from the game CLUE.

Yes i know that's Sid not Johnny.

The previous weekend I had the good fortune to attend the PDX ETSY showcase. I got Xmas cards and hair pins. I only wish i had 100's of dollars to spend, i'd have a house full of inspiration

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